searching for the gifts of ADHD rather then the inexplicable maladies

By always sad October 20 at 10:52 pm 998 2

always sad

Dr. John who wrote the definitive narratives" driven to distraction and delivered from distraction" catechism of the convoluted world of our collective beings cited both the most over diagnosed and under diagnosed affliction of ADHD as both a medical practitioner and an unindicted co conspirator of the many splintered world of incomprehensible effects and proclivities only one of us could ever have a chance of describing it's the good bad and ugly navigation through unconventional conflict sometimes friendly and usually unfriendly battlefields my belabored and wordy topic of discussion is empowering the blessings and disadvantages as the good Dr lamented finding legal and ethical involvements or participations our innate abilities such as creativity out of the box thinking high powered enthusiasms over indulgences athletic and since of humor personally insatiable appetite for entertaining adrenalin seeking experiences compassion for those less fortunate however it must submit that realm of achievement escapes me to date hook em ya'll

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