When your current regimen isn’t working – how do you cope?

By Dr GaryCA August 14, 2016 at 10:08 am 1,219

Dr Gary

So you and your physician worked closely together on creating a treatment regimen. Maybe you even made some lifestyle changes, like your diet, as well. Your doctor reassured you that, if you stayed compliant, you should see results. You agreed to follow through on every aspect of this plan.

But you ran into some glitches along the way. Maybe some unexpected side effects that resulted in a lot of discomfort and trips to you doctor’s office. Aafter a month or so, it became all too apparent that you weren’t experiencing any reduction in your symptoms. In fact, you were feeling worse.

I posted an article awhile back on moving from one regimen to another. Here’s a link:


I am wondering if you have any stories to share.

How did you communicate your concerns to your doctor? Was he/she receptive, or did they give you some pushback? Encourage you to stay on the path awhile longer?

What kinds of emotions did you experience as you realized you had to move to a new regimen? Easy to take in stride? Disappointing? Scary?

What was it like starting on a new regimen after the disappointment of one that failed?

Or if you are in this position now, maybe you could benefit from other members’ experiences.

Looking forward to hearing how this has been for you!

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