Staying informed. Are you active or just humming along at this point?

By Dr GaryCA May 25, 2016 at 10:35 am 1,149

Dr Gary

When recently diagnosed, one piece of advice you were most likely given, by your physician or your loved ones, was to get informed about your ADHD and its treatment.

How’s that going? Are you an active information-gatherer? Checking in once in awhile for the latest news? Or maybe you don’t see a need to do a lot of information-gathering at this point. Maybe you look to your doctor to take care of this.

Gathering information is one of the hardest things to tackle when you are first diagnosed. Sure, you want to know about your condition and its treatment. Enough information to take care of yourself. But maybe not enough to feel like managing your condition will be an overwhelming job. Or anything that might make you feel scared about the future. And where do you start?

Over time, it usually gets easier. And you might have a regular routine. Or, again, you may have become more complacent about getting informed on ADHD, and not consider it a priority.

And what’s your doctor’s position on information-gathering? Some doctors encourage their patients to get informed. Others tell them to stay off the Internet, out of concern they will become misinformed and overly alarmed. What’s your doctor advising you in regard to getting informed? And are you in agreement?

I wrote an article awhile back on information-gathering. Here’s a link:

Now, I am interested in knowing what your approach is to information-gathering at this point in your life. Staying up on the latest and greatest? Not so interested these days? And what’s your doctor’s role in keeping you informed? Looking forward to hearing from you!

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