5 Ways to Empower Yourself

Try these tips to gain back your confidence and feel like you are in control of your life and your ADHD

5 Ways to Empower Yourself

By Attention Deficit Connect StaffA December 23, 2014 2,372

It can be easy for people with ADHD to feel like they don't have control of their lives. Racing thoughts and difficulty focusing do not often leave room for a person to feel empowered. Try these tips to gain back your confidence and feel like you are in control of your life:

Get up early

If you sleep in late, you are missing precious time that you could be using to get things done or have fun. Instead of dashing out the door with just enough time to get where you're going, choose to wake up early and spend some time with yourself. Cook a hearty breakfast or take the dog for a walk around the block. You will feel like you have control because you chose to wake up and do something for yourself instead of feeling stressed and hurried as you ran to your destination.

Try something new

Doing something that scares you every day is a great way to conquer your fears and learn new things. That can include little things like buying a plant and trying to keep it alive for more than a week, or trying a new color of lipstick. Even doing a newspaper crossword puzzle that you don't normally attempt can leave you feeling empowered.

Create something

When you put pen to paper or even hum a tune you made up, you are creating something that you are completely in control of. You choose where the cartoon figure you're drawing visits. Does he go to the moon? Is he horseback riding at the bottom of the ocean? You are in control of every aspect of what you create. Carry a notebook to doodle or write in when you are feeling powerless. Try a bigger project like a painting or collage when you have extra time on a weekend or after work. Creating can help you regain confidence and manage your thoughts, plus you'll have something fun that you made to show for your efforts!


If you like to run, lace up your shoes and hit the road. Don your helmet and gloves and hop on your bike if you're more of a cyclist. Do whatever exercise makes your heart beat faster and gets you out of the house. Exercise boosts your mood by causing your body to release feel-good chemicals called endorphins. Taking control of your physical well-being and burning some calories will give you a mental boost and leave you feeling like you are able to better control your thoughts. Will you have time to think about the things that are stressing you out when you're trying to breathe through a vinyasa yoga class? Not a chance.

Dress up

Whether you're heading to class, work or an after-hours event, you will feel more confident and empowered if you are wearing clothing that you feel good in. Ladies - throw on a comfortable dress or dark jeans and heels. Guys - try some nicer jeans and a sweater or button-up. Looking good can help you to feel good. Plus it could help you gain the respect and admiration of those around you, further boosting your self-esteem and opening up all kinds of possibilities, like being asked out on a date or getting a promotion.

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